In 2013 Basic Equine Health was started with one question in mind: “How can we positively effect change in the growing gastrointestinal issues our own horses were experiencing, evidenced by declining performance and attitudes?” The research began and after numerous trials, we landed on a very effective basic formula. The focus seems to be all gastric today but our research told us that the issue was stemming predominantly from Cecal and Colonic pH Distress. The performance and ultimately, results of this initial product were impressive enough to capture the interest of some very astute horse people. From that first blend, the product line and GUT HEALTH brand has grown to over 18 broad span and specialized products in various delivery formats. From oral gel to liquid top dress, to top dress pellets and even our own PEAK PERFORMANCE Grain Free Feed, Basic Equine Health, LLC continues to grow, striving to improve the health of your equine companion and improve there life and performance from the inside out. Over the years we have learned so much, and have made many new friends along the way. We are all one big growing family and truly feel through focus and hard work, Go With Your Gut.

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